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» Hydro-Arch
Phone: 702-566-1700
900 West Warm Springs Road, Suite 106, Henderson, Nevada, USA 89011

"Hydro-Arch is a general engineering contractor who specializes in flood control structures including arch culverts, bridges, and channels. Although we construct an array of flood control structures, we specialize in the turnkey design and construction of cast-in-place arch culverts. Since 1990 we have built over 85 miles of Hydro-Arch systems throughout the Western United States. The Hydro-Arch system is not just a product; it’s a team of professionals. In short, we provide another way for you to get a project completed quickly, easily, and at a lower cost.


Wolf Michelson, the founder of Hydro-Arch, got involved with building arched culverts in 1977. As a contractor, Michelson built culverts and underground structures for entrepreneurs involved in designing these structures. Some of these were very innovative and creative. When it became apparent that a market existed for cost effective arched culverts, Michelson took some of the best ideas available at the time and by 1988 he was building arched culverts exclusively.

In May of 2014, James Moore became president of Hydro-Arch.  With the help of Mike Michelson & Dave Scott, Hydro-Arch is continuing the success through the next generation.

Twenty-nine years of specializing in one area, flood control and drainage, has resulted in Hydro-Arch becoming the leader in this field."