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Las Vegas Sky Cam LLC

» Las Vegas Sky Cam LLC
Phone: 702-321-3723
80 Blaven Drive, Henderson, Nevada, USA 89002

"Las Vegas Sky Cam LLC provides high-quality aerial photos and video for the construction industry while utilizing the latest technology and offering the best prices and customer service.

Las Vegas Sky Cam uses a state-of-the-art, GPS-guided, camera-equipped helicopter than weighs just two pounds.  Full-size aircraft are certainly the tool to use on your largest projects.  However, there are many advantages to using Las Vegas Sky Cam on a majority of your projects:

  • Cost.  I can shoot aerial pictures of your projects for hundreds of dollars less than a full-size aircraft.  If you have never thought about aerial photos, it has never been less expensive!

  • Detail.  My device can fly from the ground-level up to that 400’.  This produces photos with details of your projects that have never been seen before.  Las Vegas Sky Cam can even get photos of specific elements of your project.  This simply cannot be done with a full-size craft.

  • Angles.  My device can get any angle of any project, even directly overhead. I can offer much more flexibility than a full-size aircraft.

  • Video.  Las Vegas Sky Cam can shoot & edit video or your project in full 1080 HD.  There’s no better way market your projects to prospective clients than with full HD video showing the quality of your work."