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» Soil-Tech
Phone: 702-873-2023
License #: 33450
6420 Cameron Street, Suite 207, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89118
"Soil-Tech has a history of maximizing customer satisfaction while providing environmentally responsible\preserving products and services

When Jerry Stanley started hydroseeding residences in Las Vegas in 1990, he had no idea that he was taking the first steps towards creating the largest Mojave Desert habitat restoration company in the world. He did have a vision for the direction of growth in the Las Vegas valley, and for the gradual shift towards environmental responsibility and preservation in construction.

Jerry's focus has remained consistently on total customer satisfaction and finding unique solutions to every clients' problems. The combination of Jerry's vision about native habitat restoration as a business, and his mantra of meeting customer needs first, have driven Soil-Tech's growth for over 2 decades.

During the 1990's, Soil-Tech sought opportunities to expand its suite of services from its roots as a hydroseeding business. Soil-Tech acquired Permeon™, a natural desert varnish, to enhance its restoration capabilities into the realm of visual mitigation on rock scars and disturbance. The company also started a subsidiary, Native Resources Nevada, as a revegetation specialist focused on transplanting Mojave Desert plant species.

With its full complement of services for any plant, soil, or rock conditions, Soil-Tech established and nurtured its relationships with private companies and public agencies, and developed additional construction services to meet their specific needs.

For over 2 decades, a great deal has changed in environmental construction requirements, restoration, and preservation. At Soil-Tech, our company has been built piece by piece with a view towards the environmental movement. Today, we continue to build towards our vision of environmental responsibility, and with the needs of our customers as our priority."