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» Sting Alarm
Phone: 7026256595
License #: 61014
7120 Rafael Ridge Way, Nevada, USA 89119

Protect Your Assets With Our Integrated Security Solutions

Sting Alarm Inc. is setting the pace for developing advanced security solutions. As security platforms evolve from analog to digital, companies struggle to remain current with research and development of new products and services. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sting works with customers throughout the country.

Jonathan Fine founded Sting in 2003 to develop and integrate progressive digital surveillance systems in an emerging and more demanding marketplace. The company grew rapidly as it delivered effective and affordable surveillance solutions.

  • Surveillance 
    • The main advantage of a video surveillance system is the ability to detect, mitigate and manage potential security risks even before they happen.
  • Access Control
    • Implementing Access Control, you can track, record and deter access throughout your organization. Use it as a powerful employee management tool, monitoring time and attendance as well as avoiding re-keying when employees leave.
  • Intrusion Alarm
    • Our advanced security technologies will provide more than a security safeguard of your assets, but also provide you with powerful tools to effectively manage your staff, customers and inventory.
  • Digital & Video Monitoring
    • Sting has worked with these industries to engineer tailored systems that can increase productivity. We will assess your current systems and develop a solution that maximizes the system's usefulness.
  • Point of Sale Integration
    • Sting offers effective integrated systems that will benefit businesses in preventing retail loss and identify employee theft. A Sting representative will assess your point of sale systems and provide a comprehensive solution to meet your business needs.
  • License Plate Recognition
    • This effective solution ensures security of parking lots and surveillance of high traffic areas by providing the most accurate high resolution video monitoring.
  • Advanced Video Analytics
    • Interface and powerful tools enable organizations to make the best use of their surveillance video. Sting will customize live action monitoring in real-time in any area of your business using state-of-the-art technology.

Using solutions designed and integrated by Sting Alarm, our clients will have the best security and management solutions for home and business. After building our own Central Monitoring Station, Sting Alarm has become one of the fastest growing security companies in the country.