Private Planroom

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Construction Notebook’s Private Planroom will allow any Developer, General Contractor, Architect or Engineer to post private projects on Our Private Planroom will give you the ability to post your drawings, specifications and addenda online and issue invitations to bid, only to those subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers of your choosing.

Complete control throughout the entire bidding process is ensured in our Private Planroom. Your authorized bidders will receive an email with a link to the plans. Plans can only be viewed and accessed with the password that you provide. Online estimating and take-off tools are also available in the Private Planroom to facilitate the bidding process.

Construction Notebook will maintain and publish your construction projects from project start to project finish. This frees you and your staff of the expense, labor and responsibility of hosting your own plan repository. Contact Construction Notebook to set up your company’s Private Planroom today!

Private Projects:

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